COVID-19 Physiotherapy


Some people who had Covid and especially those who had been in hospital for a while may experience the effects of Covid for quite longer than usual. The problems can last for several weeks if not months. Problems like muscle weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue, poor exertion tolerance and even depression. When you have these problems that impair ability to function and return to normal life, you will need Physiotherapy to help you.

Our Physiotherapists are specialist in post Covid rehabilitation. We don’t only have background in Neurology but a lot of us also have background in Cardio-Respiratory. We know how to help you improve from your difficult situation and improve your quality of life.

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    • review rating 5  Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Sandro has helped enormously in my recovery from spinal surgery.

      thumb Linda Moore
    • review rating 5  I can personally recommend the brilliant services of this practice. If you are looking for a private Neuro Physiotherapist, this is it. My experience here has been good.

      thumb Oli Bas
    • review rating 5  The Neurological Physiotherapists here are brilliant and I highly recommend them all to people with Stroke and MS. I consider this service as a centre of excellence in Neuro Physiotherapy practice.

      thumb Remy Dee
    • review rating 5  I highly recommend this Neuro Physiotherapy service to everyone with Neurological conditions. My friend’s experience here had been brilliant.

      thumb Miss Daisy
    • review rating 5  Thanks to the brilliant expertise of the Neuro Physiotherapist I saw here. I was visited at home and I highly recommend this professional service.

      thumb Susana Subba
    • review rating 5  Thanks for helping me after my stroke. I highly recommend this service to everyone. The best Neurological Physiotherapist is here.

      thumb Steve Corr
    • review rating 5  Sandro a very pleasant and affable person. His patience, knowledge and skills, have helped me considerably in combating my neurological problem.

      thumb PAUL TAYLOR
    • review rating 5  I have MS and have mobility issues. Thanks to Sandro my neurophysio I can manage things I never thought I would be able to again such as increased balanced movement. Absolutely fantastic work with homework exercises that really work.

      thumb Kathryn Presneill
    • review rating 5  Sandro has been so helpful controlling my pain after a car accident. I would highly recommend him for any neuro physio treatment.

      thumb Alison Hill
    • review rating 5  Excellent service neuro Physiotherapist. Sandro helped me with Parkinsons . He works hard and tries different ideas, keeps up to date. Would recommend.

      thumb brenda weston